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Academic achievement and student success are directly tied to "teaching & learning." The need to increase student performance in the classroom and on standardized testing has become the single most important topic of discussion in education today. Multiple approaches have been developed to address this need; however, many approaches fail to directly address what actually happens day-to-day in the classroom as teachers are "teaching" and students are "learning." This art of teaching & learning is predicated on three factors:

(1) instructional practices

(2) instructional design

(3) instructional rigor.

These three factors form the basis of the CARVER model for "teaching & learning" that are centered on best practices & evidence-based designs for academic achievement and student success in every classroom.  The instructional practices that a teacher implements must be "intentional."  Both "teaching & learning" are dramatically impacted by a teacher's approach to how he or she delivers instruction and engages students in the learning process. Instructional practices are far more than implementing curriculum, using a textbook, or following standards. Articulating and infusing practices that become protocols increase academic achievement and student success. CARVER uses eight (8) instructional practices that align with proven instructional models to foster academic success in every classroom:

(1) Design Thinking/PBL

(2) Work-Based Learning

(3) Deeper Teaching

(4) Deeper Learning

(5) Instructional Scaffolding

(6) Cognitive Rigor

(7) Academic Language

(8) Disciplinary Literacy

These eight (8) instructional practices are essential to "teaching & learning" and form the basis for professional development and training at CARVER. Teachers and staff will learn the core elements of developing and designing instruction that allow students to problem solve, use critical thinking and reasoning skills, and work in collaborative groups to increase the transfer of what has been taught in every lesson. Students learn by doing and grappling with real-world situations that require them to utilize the concepts and skills embedded in the standards, curriculum, and teacher's lessons (Click here to learn more).

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