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Carver Students

The CARVER Foundation is a leader in the field of Early College and Career Pathways, utilizing innovative strategies and best practices to close the equity gap in higher education, particularly in underserved communities. CARVER’s latest book, "Gateway To Success: A Student-Centered Journal for Early College & Career Readiness," is a guided journal for students to self-reflect on the skills needed to be college and career ready. This book integrates pedagogical insights regarding the social and emotional characteristics of the student, peer feedback, and adviser input focused on the six C.A.R.V.E.R. Core Values. Students will find this volume a gold mine for the use of effective journal strategies to develop the mindset needed to accelerate learning. Students will discover themselves within these pages and be able to shift their learning paradigm to become a more productive thinker and collaborator in and out of school, monitoring and managing their optimal success.

The mantra embedded in CARVER’s core values is positivity. We choose to have a victorious mindset as opposed to one that is defeatist. What we want to teach and transfer to the students is no matter what they face they can turn that reality into a victory if they choose. As we know, the more you encounter victories, the less you’ll want to delve into those things that will bring defeat. This takes an enormous amount of encouragement from all stakeholders (students, teachers, school leaders, and parents), and is essential to model daily. Students will clearly learn how to be an encouraging classmate, praising each other’s victories (in school and out-of-school), and respecting and caring for one another while engaging in this book. They will learn how to be accountable and ultimately become responsible students, citizens, and life-long learners in the process. The ultimate outcome of the core values is that each student takes on these attributes and independently do them in their lives, day-to-day. This book provides an effective road map of how to channel empathy and compassion into a life of service, the true mission of every educational endeavor. ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY!

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