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About Carver

The George Washington Carver Education Foundation (CARVER) serves an intermediary for innovative school districts throughout New Jersey, who are positioned to expand their current high school dual credit and dual enrollment programs.  CARVER assists districts in developing and designing an early college high school program that prepares students to receive both their high school diploma and up to 60 college credits with many earning an associate's degree by the end of 12th grade.  As early college high school consultants, CARVER partners with participating two- and four-year college & universities, along with various school districts to align high school courses with degree programs to meet both high school graduation requirements and the necessary credits for full matriculation of a college degree.  Each early college high school program developed throughout New Jersey is evidenced-based and replicates a national model that has proven success!  See "Early College, Continued Success: A Longer-Term Impact of Early College High School" reported by the American Institutes of Research.


As an intermediary for early college high school designs in New Jersey, CARVER works with national early college advisors, who are committed to building educational and economic opportunity for underserved populations in the United States.  CARVER is creating early college and career pathways for not only students who are already on the road towards Honors or Advanced Placement courses in high school, but also widening the scope and reach by increasing the number of students who are able to handle the level of rigor in college-level coursework through our Gateways to Success instructional model.

CARVER offers school districts the opportunity to develop a K-12 early college high school program that is designed to reach underserved populations in higher education.  The Gateways to Success instructional plan is an essential component of the early college high school model and gives school districts the capability of expanding their dual credit/dual enrollment programs to students who may only need support services as they matriculate through college-level coursework. As a participating school district, these Gateways to Success will provide your students with the support they will need in areas such as student development, academic and career development, leadership and character (social-emotional) development, and more!  


CARVER also provides intensive professional development & training for all participating school districts to aid them in the full planning, development, and implementation phases of their early college high school design.  These training sessions are critical to the success and long-term sustainability of the district’s early college high school program. Gateways to Success for Students and Professional Development for Staff are available with customized packages that meet the needs of your students and budgets. 


Contact Dr. Jerome Taylor, Ed.D., CEO & ECHS Consultant, for more information, 855-426-2278 ext. 700, CEO@mycarver.org.