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Carver Partners

The Carver Foundation creates a seamless system between college/university partners, school district partners, business partners, community partners, and other stakeholders to ensure ALL students within the participating county have access to college, career, and a pathway to a life of success.

Carver's college/university partners will see:

(1) more school districts, particularly those who service disadvantaged students, developing an early college high school & career pathways program with the fidelity of implementation;

(2) more high school students passing their dual enrollment courses, particularly those from underrepresented populations, which includes passing the Accuplacer and entering college proficient in math, reading, and writing;

(3) more high school students entering college after graduation to complete their "dual-to-degree" programs;

(4) an increase in the college/university graduation rate, particularly within underserved communities;

(5) more adults returning to college to complete a degree/certificate/license;

(6) more federal and state funding with the increase of students/adults entering college and career programs at their college/university.

Our partnership's ultimate goals are twofold: (1) increase the number of households with individuals who have earned a post-secondary degree and/or industry-recognized career certificate or license, thereby increasing the opportunity for economic sustainability, community revitalization, and upward mobility for generations to come;  and (2) to increase the number of high school students who complete a post-secondary credential towards a degree and/or an industry-recognized career certificate or license (Click here to learn more).

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