Rural and Urban District Initiative

The Rural and Urban District Initiative (RUDI framework is based on the vision and belief that all students can be successful if provided with the academic, social emotional, community and business supports. This framework will unleash the hidden potential and creativity that exist within all of our students. Unfortunately, in many of our urban and rural districts this dormant potential is seldom unleashed and channeled or guided for the successful educational and life journey of students. RUDI is designed to collaborate with rural and urban school districts throughout New Jersey to implement a framework that will transform schools and communities to ensure that all students, especially economically disadvantaged, students of color and first-generation students, are provided with the academic and social emotional supports that will guide them on their journey to success. 

Just image the possibilities: Imagine a future in New Jersey’s rural and urban districts where ALL students – especially minority, disadvantaged and first-generation college goers – graduated high school with college credits, associate degrees and/or career or industry credentials that would allow them to immediately enter the workforce. Also, imagine that if these students had an opportunity to participate in internships and apprenticeships in a multitude of career areas, such as technology, construction, robotics, agriculture, financial services and other dynamic career areas that could not only transform their lives, but also transform the lives of their families, communities, cities, state, nation and the global landscape.

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