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Jerome Taylor, Ed.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Shawn Donaldson, Ph.D.

Faculty Advisor

Aaron Washington, M.Ed.

Chief Academic Officer

Caesar Mickens Jr., Ph.D.

Carver National Advisor

Jermaine Blount, M.Ed.

Resident Administrator

Marcy Raymond, M.Ed.

PD Consultant

Cheryl Wilmore, Ph.D.

Industry Consultant

Amanda Ota, Ph.D.

Resident University Liaison

Christopher DeJesus, M.Ed.

School Leadership Consultant

Quiana Lewis, M.Ed.

Resident College Professor

Darnell Lett, M.Ed.

Board President

Dawn Watkins, M.Ed.

Board Member

Ethel Wade, M.Ed.

Board Member

John Martin, M.Ed.

Board Member

Quenna Martin, M.Ed.

Board Member

Michelle Brown, M.Ed.

Board Member

Carver Team

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