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The Carver Foundation’s book, Gateways To Success: A Student Centered Journal on Early College & Career Pathways , is a guided journal for students to self-reflect on the skills needed to be college and career ready. This book integrates insights regarding the social and emotional characteristics of the student, peer feedback and advisor input focused on the CARVER Core Values.

Students will find this volume a gold mine of effective journaling strategies to develop the mindset needed to accelerate learning. Students will discover themselves in these pages and be able to shift their paradigm to become a more productive learner and collaborator. Anyone interested in the academic, social and emotional development of their students will be enlightened by the contents of Gateways to success.. The book is designed to assist the learners to find their voice while preparing them for College and Career pathways

Using "The Gateway to Success" Book, the following resources are available for teachers/instructors (click below for access) :

1) How to Develop Accountability Partners in the Classroom

2) Common Instructional Frameworks for Effective Classroom Teaching

3) Creating Instructional Protocols in the Classroom

4) The Importance of Student Journals and How to Respond Efficiently

5) Journal Writing as a Teaching Technique to Promote Reflection

6) Increasing Constructive Talk in the Classroom | Video 1 | Video 2

7) 36-Week Template

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