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George Washington Carver once stated, "Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom." He spent much of his life finding ways to make life better for those who needed help the most. With funding provided by Morris K. Jesup, a New York financier, Washington created and operated what was known as the "movable school." This mobile school was designed to equip underserved communities with the agricultural tools they would need to provide a livable and sustainable lifestyle towards a better tomorrow. In a time of economic despair and inequity, Washington wanted to teach people how to become self-sufficient through selfimprovement, which became the cornerstone for his work at the Tuskegee Institute (see footnote). The George Washington Carver Education Foundation is built on this same principle established by Washington in 1906. The Carver Foundation operates as a "movable school," developing early college and career pathway programs throughout New Jersey and abroad, so that ALL students can become self-sufficient through self-improvement. The essential component of the work of the Carver Foundation is to expand the number of students in each school district, who is prepared and qualified to earn postsecondary credentials while in high school and meet the demands of the ever-growing, everchanging job market. 

This requires three critical elements: (1) a community who understands the need for educational equity and advancement and how this focus will improve the overall quality of the community; (2) a school district who understands the need to increase the number of students who are BOTH college- and careerready, and how this focus will increase long-term student achievement; and (3) a sponsor who understands the benefits of providing key resources for these students to be successful from kindergarten to college, providing funding resources as well as support and social services to both the student and his/her family. This focus and commitment will provide Carver with the resources to reach more children for a better tomorrow. Email for more information

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