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The Carver model, which is centered on early college best practices and evidence-based programs throughout the country,will be infused throughout the entire district using a systemic district-wide approach to school reform and student achievement.  The central aim is to increase the number of students who are prepared and qualified for college-level coursework as they pursue an associate degree and/or a career certificate or industry-recognized license while in high school.  Our aim will impact and help to achieve the goals set forth by Governor Phil Murphy (NJ), who commissioned the state to build a “stronger & fairer economy in New Jersey by 2025.”

Implementing this nationally-recognized model will position participating school districts to secure additional support funding through grants and donations.  As demonstrated by the College in High School Alliance and Jobs for the Future (2017): The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) increases access to federal funding for dual enrollment and early college designs; enables states and school districts to use federal funding to support college coursework while in high school such as Title I, Perkins Funding, and other discretionary funding; and the ESSA provides the first federal definition of “early college high school.”

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