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About the ECHS Program

The cornerstone of early college success starts with a deep understanding of student development.  Students’ character development is central to developing positive and effective pro-social skills that foster an optimal learning environment.  Carver’s (6) core values for social-emotional learning are essential building blocks towards establishing a community of learners who persevere with purpose:

Caring, Accountable, Respectful, Victorious, Encouraging, and Responsible


Careful guidance and checkpoints for student development are incorporated into Carver’s Gateways to Success through Advisory.  Essentially a guide to what makes a great student, the Gateways to Success coupled with a robust Advisory Program, provide a charted path which assist students in taking ownership and monitoring their progress as part of the early college program.  Aligned with positive behavioral support, Carver provides immediate feedback on student progress through written and electronic methods to increase the frequency of the desired student developmental skills conducive to success. Faculty and staff are trained as Student Advisors.  Critical to student development is the student’s ability to make connections with trusted adults for support, advisement, and encouragement during their adolescent years.  Carver also trains counseling staff on conflict resolution skills, student leadership development, and peer mediation.   Gateways to Success through Advisory are available upon request. 

CARVER Early College High School &

Career Pathways Programs

Carver works with school districts and colleges/universities to develop a scope and sequence, where students can earn dual credit/dual enrollment (concurrent) college college credits while in high school.  Part of this sequencing involves building in the necessary student support services, we call "integrated student supports," which essentially means utilizing the existing support services school districts are effectively using to support students while also finding external support services to ensure all students are appropriately and adequately supported, regardless of background or need.  This requires Carver along with a dedicated school district leadership team to partner with local and regional organizations, social service agencies, and governmental departments.  The main objective is to remove any academic and nonacademic barriers to student learning, achievement, and optimal success.

In addition, Carver assists school districts in creating a "Parent University" (see link above), where the PTA/PTO and interested parent groups work together to increase parent involvement and close the gap between the school and the home.

Learn more about the Carver Program (here).